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  • Born in California, Elizabeth Ulanova simultaneously worked and studied overseas in Asia for almost 3 years after finishing high school early. With professional experience as a privatized international liaison officer, English editor-in-chief, and an elite New Oriental educator (in addition to studying Chinese humanities) - Elizabeth returned to the US to study social and computer sciences. Therefore in addition to academia, Elizabeth also developed website startups as a biotech foundation’s first ever entrepreneur-in-residence in Boston. With interests in human-centered design at the intersection of visual arts, cultural history and technology - Elizabeth transferred to Columbia University in New York. Since then, based in Manhattan, she is currently Ivy Council National's president emeritus and is the co-head of the US expansion of Project Access.


    An intense admirer of art and culture, Elizabeth has a lifelong love of traveling and has currently visited countries in 5 continents. Her hobbies range from dance and writing to obsessions with history, vintage postcards, and mental health advocacy. She is constantly trying to re-invent and re-create her passions as she discovers and re-discovers the world around her.

  • My Work

    My research and artistry are focused on analyzing and synthesizing technology-inspired-culture and culture-inspired-technology.


    This comes in several folds 1) exploring the sociological questions that inevitably arise when technology and culture overlap via qualitative, ethnographic methodology, 2) showcasing digital hypotheses and cultural critiques through kinetic art and original film, 3) synthesizing human-computer interactions as analytical frameworks to better understand human behavior and society, 4) stimulating active engagement of conversations regarding digital culture through new media, and 5) studying to transform the way in which we design and perceive modern digital interfaces.

  • Current Positions


    For past positions and full resume, please refer to Linkedin

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    Columbia University (New York)

    BA Degree in multidisciplinary Visual Arts

    •Honors: Dean's List, Leadership Service Award, Senior Thesis Stipend Award, Honors Independent Study (Prof. Matthew Buckingham), Honors Senior Thesis I&II
    •Activities: Ivy Council National, Ivy Council Steering, First Generation Advisory Board, Ivy Policy Conference, Ivy Leadership Summit, Orientation Leader, Northern Lights" Gala, Peer Mentor, Fine Arts Apollo Society
    •Courses Taken: Visual Art, Art History, Film, Architecture in addition to Columbia's CORE that includes Literature, Academic Writing, Biological Sciences, Global History&Politics, Music, Art, and Dance (PE).

    •Note: Transferred from 2 previous universities that intensively focused on (in collegiate order) 1) foreign language &humanities, and 2) social and computer sciences

    Co-head and lead development of usa expansion

    A global non-profit and social enterprise focused on education with 20+ international teams, and partnered with top universities (ex: University of Cambridge)
    •Co-leads the American expansion as a social entrepreneurship startup after years of Project Access' success in bringing students to the UK
    •Product development, business development, marketing and technology

    president emeritus

    •Led all executive efforts for Ivy Council National that oversees all 8 Ivy chapters, annual Ivy Leadership conferences, philanthropy, publication, and international ventures (Nobel Peace Laureates World Summit, UN Youth Assembly, Eastern Economic Forum, etc)
    •Created and/or revived Ivy Council Alumni Association, Board of Governors, annual NYC retreat and speaker series (ex: Jennifer Hyman), first-ever streamlined websites, applications, digital marketing strategy, execution, content and social media presence.
    •Former National President, Vice President of Technology, and Columbia Head Delegate



    Architecture & Mixed Media Studios

    Fall 2016:

    1. Design Futures Studio Project 1: "Energy Calendar"


    2. Design Futures Studio Project 2: "Wearable Resume"


    3. Design Futures Studio Project 3: "Interventional Device"



    Spring 2017:

    1. Intro To Arch Studio Project 1: Perception, What is Outside on the Inside, What is Inside on the Outside



    Fall 2017:

    1. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 1: "A Day In My Sandal"


    2. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 2: "Depressions of Love"


    3. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 3: "Constructions From Nature"


    4. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 4: "Human Body By Tape"


    5. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 5: "Surrealist Image"


    6. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 6: "Self Portrait


    7. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 7: "Collectibles"


    8. Mixed Media Studio:

    Project 8: "Final Project: Narratus"



    Fine Art : Painting & Drawing Studios

    Spring 2017:

    1. Drawing Studio Project Part 1: "Patere" - Photography in Black and White


    2. Drawing Studio Project Part 2: "Patere" - Drawing in Charcoal and Watercolor markers



    Summer 2017:

    1. History Class: Masterpieces of Western Art



    Fall 2017:

    1. Drawing II Studio

    A. Plant Based Study Project


    B. Human Vertebrae Project


    C. Metamorphosis Project



    2. Painting I Studio

    A. Vogue Replica


    B. Paint From Imagination


    C. Self Choice Painting


    D. Self Portrait Painting


    E. Painting from Nature Painting


    F. Trip-Tych Painting


    G. Final Large Studio Painting "Impressions"


    G. Final Medium Studio Painting "Ochre"



    Spring 2018:

    1. Paint From Imagination 'Escape'


    2.Paint From Imagination 'Void'


    3.Paint From Imagination 'Calm Down'



    Film Laboratories & Video Studios

    Fall 2016:

    1. Fiction Film Lab: Short Film "You"


    2. Fiction Film Lab: Short Film "Park"


    3. Fiction Film Lab: Short Film "Dodge"


    4. Fiction Film Lab: Final Original Short Film "Zane" COMPLETED


    Fall 2017:

    1. Beginning Video Studio:

    "Fake" : A Conceptual Art Video


    2. Beginning Video Studio:

    "After Suicide" : A Documentary


    3. Beginning Video Studio:

    "Facets" : A Narrative


    4. Beginning Video Studio:​

    "Remember" : A Short Conceptual Film​



    Spring 2018:

    1.Advanced Video Studio:

    A. "Voices"

    A World Where Our Thoughts Can Be Heard



    Fall 2018:


    A World Where Our Emotions Subside"



    Fine Art : Printmaking & Sculpture Studios

    Summer 2017:

    1. Printmaking Silkscreen Studio:

    A. Black and White Original Photography Print


    B. 2 Color Original Text Print


    C. 3 Color Original Print (Hand-drawn)


    D. 3 Color Original Print (Digitally-drawn)



    Spring 2018:

    1. Sculpture 1 Studio

    A. WoodWork Sculpture



    B. Plaster + Projection Mapping Sculpture



    C. MetalWork Sculpture + Projection Mapping Installation

    'Human Wifi'


    Ivy Council Technology Projects

    Spring 2017 - Present

    Ivy Council Executive Board Technology Relaunch:


    1. Main IVC Website


    2. Year-Round IPC Website


    3. Year-Round ILS Website




    A Meaningful Connection​

    Tackling social isolation and loneliness for persons of all ages and backgrounds - Penpairs connects the world as virtual penpals through a global social network.


    Project Timeline: Began March 2016 - Present (Currently on Hiatus)


    It Can Always Be Worse​

    Your real life stories of THEE worst breakups, dates, hookups, rejections, and pick-up lines.


    Project Timeline: Began May 2016 - Present (Currently on Hiatus)

    Where Startups Go To Die (Properly)

    Give your failed startup a proper funeral or have a stroll in our lovely graveyard.


    Project Timeline: Began May 2016 - Present (Currently on Hiatus )

  • My Research

    "Clashings of Art, Culture, and Technology in a Digital Anthropological World'

    a studio based thesis through a combination of short films, live installations and academic writing.

    honors independent studies with Columbia department chair, Professor Matthew Buckingham and year-long Columbia University Visual Arts senior thesis I&II.

    For my theses at Columbia University, I created original short films and installations that showcased alternative universes set in the immediate future. These storylines were centered around the modification or mediation of human behavior through fictional technology. For example, “Voices” critiqued the nature of internal transparency and surveillance within society, through the lens of a fictionalized world that mandates its citizens to wear telepathic brain microchips. Likewise, “Remember” focused on the subjective role of memory through the apparatus of glasses that record and playback every one of life’s moments. The goal of these projects was to present the sociological questions that inevitably arise when technology and culture overlap. Hence, I wanted audiences to digest my hypotheses in an engaging, visceral manner (through media) while I visually critiqued our human behavioral and cultural patterns. In my last thesis film “Connection," I focused on social interactivity and the role of self-medication through the framework of bioengineered pills that induce apathy. Live installations that included the utilization of video projection, sculpture, and paintings, such as “Cracked”, “Screens”, and “Body”, were also produced as tangible mixed collages that sought to create said dialogue in the physical sphere. In conclusion, I did not seek to predict the future, but rather to continually analyze and synthesize the influence of technology-inspired-cultures and culture-inspired-technology.

  • Why Human-Centered-Design?

    Artists make the intangible, tangible. They transform emotions - anger, hurt, euphoria into visible pieces of art.

    Architects inspect the environment around us - rendering empty space into some of the most memorable landmarks to the human eye. Both professions are arguably traditional, practical, and timeless disciplines whom have since the dawn of time placed the human as the focal point of their creation. Now, technology is the future - non-traditional, unconventional and designed to convenient our lives whilst pushing our computational limits. But yet, can the iPhone be compared to the Mona Lisa? And can Samsung transfix us like Monet? Therefore, I yearn to craft technology with the training and perspective of both an artist and an architect. Transforming and creating new forms of tech that combines emotionless, but innovative computations with the abstractions and passions conveyed through traditional art.

  • Currently under construction

    A select digital portfolio can be seen here


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    Social Entrepreneurship. Human-Centered-Design. Architecture+Visual Arts+Technology. Digital + Written + Fine Arts. Liberal Politics. Humanitarianism


    World Travel. Dance. History and Humanities. Live Performances. Vintage Postcards. Hulu Binges.



    • Movies: The Joy Luck Club, 12 Angry Men, Mona Lisa Smile, Blood Diamond, My Cousin Vinny, Murder on the Orient Express, Lion, Bride&Prejudice(Bollywood)
    • Books: The Great Gatsby, The Case Against Perfection, White House Diary: Jimmy Carter, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Joy Luck Club, The Outsiders, Tell Them We Remember
    • Live Shows: Wicked, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
    • TV Shows: Boy Meets World
    • Cartoons: Avatar: The Last Airbender/Korra, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited
  • My Travel Log

    "Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth."


    1. Flew 22 times in 2015


    2. Lived directly with 112+ nationalities in CQU's international commune

    3. Roadtripped across the US and back in 2007


    4. Been to countries in 5 continents thus far


    5. All time favorites: Rabat (Morroco), Auckland (New Zealand), Belgrade (Serbia), Victoria (Hong Kong).

    North America

    All of California,

    Honolulu, Hawaii



    Austin, Texas


    Las Vegas, Nevada





    Salt Lake City,Utah


    Oklahoma City,Oklahoma

    Topeka, Kansas

    Kansas City, Kansas

    Albuquerque, New Mexico



    Salem/Newport, Massachusetts

    New York City, New York


    Seattle, Washington

    Washington DC, DC

    Jersey City, Jersey

    The Hamptons,New York

    Shelter Island, New York

    Ithaca, New York

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Prince Edward Island, Canada

    East & Southeast Asia

    Beijing, China

    Tianjin, China

    Shanghai, China

    Chongqing, China

    Three Gorges, China

    Chengdu, China

    Guangzhou, China


    Huizhou, China

    Shanwei, China

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong (All Main HK Islands)

    Macau, Macau

    Ningbo, China

    HeiShanGu(Black Mountain), ZhongXian, China

    KuangShan, China

    WuLong, China

    Wuhan, China

    Gansu, China

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Hua Hin, Thailand

    Western &Eastern Europe

    Paris (France),

    London (England),

    Normandy (France),

    Deauville&Touville (France),

    Berlin (Germany), Leipzig(Germany),

    Halle (Germany),

    Venice (Italy),


    Zittau (Germany),

    Belgrade (Serbia)

    Cacak (Serbia)

    Rome (Italy),

    Florence (Italy),

    Vatican City (Vatican),

    Marseilles (France)

    Montpellier (France)

    Arles (France)

    Camargue (France)

    Saint Martin de Crau (France)

    Carro (France)

    Martigue (France)

    Avignon (France)


    Auckland, New Zealand

    Mangere, New Zealand

    Ihumatoe, New Zealand

    Waiheke Island, New Zealand

    Rangitoto Island, New Zealand

    Devonport, New Zealand

    Takapuna, New Zealand


    Helsinki, Finland

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Keflavik , Iceland

    Mosfellsbær, Iceland

    Stockholm, Sweden (OOI)

    Oslo, Norway (OOI)

    British North America / Carribean

    St.Georges (Bermuda),

    Paget (Bermuda),

    Hamilton (Bermuda)


    Casablanca (Morocco),

    Rabat (Morocco),

    Agadir (Morocco)

    Latin America

    Tijuana, Mexico

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Middle East

    Doha (Qatar),

    Tel Aviv (Israel - TBD),

    Jerusalem (Israel - TBD)

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