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"Sensory: A Collection of Fluid Acrylics"

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Sensory, 2020,

Acrylic on Canvas.


I came into ‘art’ as an observer to how difficult intangibles - such as emotionality, pain, joy, euphoria - could be made into tangible pieces of visuals. Painting specifically was mainly a self-instructed practice for me, made outside of the fine formal studio and instead, a private meditative practice that I took on. This was crucial for my mental health as each painting was a moment of therapy, a token captured in a psychological pigment of time. Painting became more of a yoga practice than a formal artistic one, a medium to channel difficult, intimate moments into pieces of subjective beauty. The opposite of my main art practices of filmmaking and writing - planned, calculated storytelling, paints loosen my mind into a different projection....A place of ‘no-thinking’.

Sensory: relating to sensation or the physical senses; transmitted or perceived by the senses.

In progress….

It is important to note that the this collection was created

during the ongoing 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when the artist

was in isolation in Cambridge, England as a graduate student and researcher

at the University of Cambridge.