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“Self Portraiture: Patere”

(Full Project Series Portfolio & Statement)

The nude body, in all of its simplicity, and raw provocateur is something that has always fascinated me. Its so normal, its all of us, but yet, it is also incredulously specific, delicate, and unique. Hence, when asked to do a metaphorical self portrait, I decided to name my photography series “Patere”. In latin, it means “exposed”, to be exposed to the world, but more importantly, to be honest and exposed to oneself.

"Patere" was composed in direct relation to a photography series from Summer 2017, transitively, a narrative theme of self-portraiture would flow throughout a loose series of visual art pieces throughout the rest of the year.

Opening Reception of Fall 2018 "Patere" Exhibition (update)

Originally composed in Spring 2017, the project series was revealed and curated for the first time in print in December 2018.

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