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"The Measures of Resilience" (Poem)

The Measures of Resilience (Original Poem)

In the masks we wear, in the dreams we believe in, in the protection we give, in the control we need.

But how do we overcome loss?

How do we rectify grief?

How do we find it in ourselves to sing? Again?

The harshest tone is not of a shout, but a whisper.

The cruelest of syllables is that of silence.

The most undenied pain is those that are buried.

Hoping to be forgotten, yet longing for a challenge.

Pigmentations of love and death, narratives of stories that melt away.

Tears can prove to be fatal, but memories will always be the ones that truly stay.

Nothing is forever, even the brightest of hues, yet in the darkest of moments.

The only panacea are those found within you.